RescueTime – Optimize the Spend Time and Attention of Team

RescueTime_logoRescueTime is a tool that allows you to easily understand and optimize how you and your team spend their time and attention. One of the most important things about RescueTime is that there is NO DATA ENTRY. You install a small application on the computers at your company and magically track what software and which web sites are actively being used.

[advt]How your business spends time (and how that changes over time) is critical business intelligence. When teams get bigger than a few people, a managers loses the ability to understand who is engaged and busy. And, as variables in the workplace change ┬áit’s really hard to measure changes in productivity over time. For businesses that choose to use RescueTime “in the open”, it creates an unrivaled culture of workplace transparency by eliminating much the posturing, deception, and resentment that tends to be common in the modern office.

You install a tiny application on the computers at your office that measures which application or web site is actively being used. This data is pushed to database for processing. Because process data “in the cloud”, you can be up and running instantly without needing to set up your own servers and databases

RescueTime is about 99% accurate. Because of idle detection, RescueTime can sometimes over-report by a few seconds here and there.


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