Reliance Mobile Call Conference Service – Connect with Two Persons Simultaneously

A conference call is a telephone call in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called party listen in to the audio portion of the call. Reliance Mobile’s Conference Call feature enables you to connect with two (1+2) persons simultaneously and set up a virtual conference.


  • A maximum of three people (including you) can participate in a conference anytime.
  • Any one can disconnect or drop off from the conference.
  • If the initiator of the conference disconnects, then all three are disconnected and the conference call ends.
  • A conference call can be set up with any telephone, regardless of the service provider.

How to use (CDMA)

  • Call the first person and wait until the call is connected.[advt]
  • Put the call on hold by pressing the call key.
  • Dial the second call.
  • Wait until the second call gets connected.
  • Once the second call gets connected, you have following options:
    • Swap between the calls: Press 2 + call key.
    • Drop the person you just dialled and connect to the one on hold: Press 1 + call key.
    • Establish a three-way conference: Press 3 +  call key.
    • Once a conference has been set up, you cannot split the participants into two separate calls, until one of them disconnects.

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