ReadEasy – Web App for Meaningful Reading

ReadEasy is free web application that will help you reading text in way that is more meaningful and will improve your understandability. You can read any passage better if you understand each and every word in the paragraph and grasp its real meaning.

The application will provide you text along with easy readlets, that contains meanings of the words that are not-so-common in your text. You can also solve the problems of the canvas / background of the text if it is not reader-friendly for you.

How to use ReadEasy:

  • Create a free account in the Site
  • Upload the document that you want to read.
  • ReadEasy will add readlets to the document, which would essentially be the meanings of some of the words used in the document.


  • A user friendly website that simplifies reading
  • You can upload the document file that contains the reading text in various formats
  • Difficult words are highlighted and their meaning explained in side-notes
  • You can zoom in and out of the document
  • Add readlets to your document within a click
  • Supports Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox, and Safari

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