Ra.One Genesis Video Game for Nokia

Ra.One Genesis is a free to play top down 3D arcade action game, available for Smartphones & Online. You play as the mighty superhero G.One who will stand to defend our world, against the wrath of a surreal creation codename Ra.One and his minions, who are all set to bring chaos and destruction.

Your goal is to find and destroy Ra.One’s H.A.R.T before he gains endless energy and brings fort h his indestructible wrath over our existence. Unleash your supernatural abilities to sabotage enemy locations, evade their traps and surveillance systems and to take down enemies in different ways.


  • Play as G.One the next generation superhero that can solidify electricity and use it to bring down any form of enemy. Equipped with special abilities and weaponry, he stands by to defend our world.
  • Explore 3 futuristic terrains; each more deadly than that first.
  • Cinematic cutscenes to create an immersive storydriven experience.
  • Your Mission is to save our world from a race of mechanical and abominable creatures commanded by Ra.One.
  • Encounter epic boss battles, tons of character customization and purchasable weapons, armor and upgrades.
  • Track your unlocked achievements over Game Center or Brag them on facebook.

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