– Place for Families and Close Friends to Share Stuff is a place for families and close friends to share the stuff that really matters. It’s a place to capture the life stories, thoughts, and aspirations and spark meaningful conversations. You choose the questions that you want to ask, or create your own. Then send to all the people that matter most to you.

Just a few questions can unlock so much. And if you want to tell the story of your own life, the questions on are great prompts to help you get started. Just sign up, add your answers, and then share your story with your closest friends and family.

Proust is completely free to use. The only features with a cost are optional: the ability to download a print-at-home PDF version of your story, or order a professionally-printed copy as a book (coming soon). The print-at-home PDF storybook is available now, and free to use for a limited time.

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