Project ROME – Adobe Application for Web Design

Project ROME is a new application from Adobe for anyone to add graphics, photos, audios, text, and animations into everyday projects. Project ROME is an easy to use tool for non professionals to create rich multimedia documents without learning web creations or any other multimedia application.

Project ROME can create applications like business cards, news letters, and web sites. It can even publish the content to social networking site. There is a library of templates to start quickly. There are also built-in tools that help you to add text, shapes, and designs etc to your slides.

Download Project ROME


  • Project ROME is integrated with Google images, YouTube, Google Maps which helps in easily finding out videos, and photographs.
  • It offers a user friendly interface and rich diversity of contents that can be easily incorporated into wide range of designs.
  • Project ROME offers output in PDF, SWF, JPG, PNG.
  • Project ROME directly runs through your web browser like adobe flash player installed or via desktop application.
  • It can work on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Project ROME offers a comprehensive tools, media types and publishing options to spice up your everyday projects with multimedia and easily create new things like animations and websites.
  • Export, print or publish in a range of formats and outputs, including reports, presentations, animations, interactive documents and websites


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