Programming Lessons for Children – Little Wizard Environment

Little Wizard is a development environment for children. It is intended to be used by primary school children to learn about the main elements of real computer languages. Using only the mouse, children can explore programming concepts such as variables, expressions, loops, conditions, and logical blocks. Every element of the language is represented by an intuitive icon, making it easy to learn. Little Wizard works under Linux and Windows 2000/XP. This software may be freely copied, modified, and redistributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License .

Little Wizard uses the GTK (version 2.4 or higher) libraries for its user interface. Libxml is used for saving project files and reading configuration files. Under Windows everything you need can be installed through the GTK installer . That is the same setup that is needed for GIMP for Windows.

Download Little Wizard


  • testing environment and submiting bug reports
  • making documentation (in docbook or html)
  • translating to other languages
  • sending opinions and suggestions
  • making examples
  • developing project site

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