Plixi Photo Sharing on Social Networks on Mobile Platforms

Plixi is a web service which provides great photo sharing on social networks. With Plixi, anyone on the go can share the photos almost instantly on their social networks while on the go. Plixi is targeted towards mobile platforms as one often needs to quickly upload photos while moving.

This where its open APIs of mobile SDks come in handy. APIs are made available to developers of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare to create apps which allow users to share photos via their smartphones.

Plixi already has a full featured photo sharing and uploading mechanism on its website. Users can simply login via their social network profiles and upload pictures on Plixi which can then be shared on the social networks with a single click of a button.

Plixi allows users to search for photos uploaded from others or the native library which can also be shared. The Activity Feed area of Plixi shows all the recent activity you have been doing regarding photo sharing.

With Plixi, different feeds can be setup. Plixi is a great way to remain updated and share your own photos online while on the move. Its simple usage and wholesome coverage of the entire picture sharing domain is a must have for everyone who loves to share pictures today.


  • Upload photos via mobile phone and the web to Plixi
  • Share through Twitter, Facebook and many others
  • Favorite the photos you like
  • See who views your photos; favorites your photos, comments on your photos
  • Track how many people looked at a photo
  • Automatically geo-tag photos sent from a GPS enabled phone
  • Use an integrated URL shortening service,
  • Filter photos by Twitter or Facebook friends
  • Self-moderate comments
  • Search tagged photos throughout the site
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds by user or tags

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