– Simple Social Networks Update Service

It is frustrating to post the exact same information in multiple websites, like twitter, facebook, hi5, etc., isn’t it? makes it very easy to share your posts with the world. You can simply post once, and your post or status message will get updated in all the services you have configured with is currently in beta and signups are limited to those who have a beta code. You can use the beta code pingbewithyou to sign-up.

you can post to the social services like Bebo, Blogger, Brightkite, Facebook, FriendFeed, hi5,, Jaiku, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Mashable, MySpace, Plaxo Pulse, Plurk, Pownce, Tumblr, Twitter and

The messages can be posted from AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk (GTalk), Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, iGoogle Gadget, Facebook Application, iPhone Web App, Mobile App (WAP) or Post by E-mail!

You can post messages from your posting e-mail address simply by sending a standard e-mail from your computer or mobile phone. If your wireless provider supports SMS to e-mail, that will also work. You can also attach pictures to your e-mail and we will host and link them in your update.

[advt] has classified the social services into three groups; blogging, micro-blogging and status updates. You can control how your messages are posted as well as where.

@s message – Posts a status update
@b title^body – Posts a blog
@m message – Posts a micro-blog automatically shortens the links included in the message. Links longer than 20 characters will be shortened. If you don’t want your links automatically shortened, you can put a * before the link.

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