Pikchur Updates Social Networks/Micro-blogging Without Signup

Pikchur is a simple service that updates your social networks / micro-blogging platforms with pictures & videos. No need to signup. Just login with one of the many supported platforms and start sending your Piks today

It is completely free, but if you are sending photos or video from your mobile device, please verify with your wireless carrier with respect to your MMS/email capabilities and fees. It supports most of social network.

It currently support 6 methods of posting Piks. Web, Mobile, Device Specific , Bookmarklet, API, and Custom apps.

  • [advt]Web – Piks posted from the upload form on the site will be tagged with this source
  • Mobile – Piks that are sent in via mobile devices, for now they are generalized
  • Device – In some cases we are able to determine the exact device the Pik was sent from and display it as its origin
  • Bookmarklet – Piks that are sent in from our nifty bookmarklet
  • API and Custom Apps – These tags belong to Piks that come in via apps that are built on top of our API. These will either be tagged with a default API tag, or a specific app

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