PayUPaisa Announces Zero Online Transaction Charges

PayU India owned PayUPaisa, the online payment system, had announced that they will not be charging merchant transaction charges for the transactions through their website, with effect from 1st of July, 2013. The offer is valid till 30th of September, 2013. All the existing merchants and the new ones who will be signing up during the period can enjoy the benefit.

Co-founder and CEO of  PayU India Mr. Nitin Gupta said,  “With the launch of PayUPaisa, we started with an objective to revolutionize the way online payments happen in our country. We aspire to make online payments easier, simpler and convenient for sellers and buyers. With our ZERO transaction charge offer the revolution has been directed to the next level. As it will encourage more sellers to take the online route and help in further adoption of online payment. We promise not to charge any – transaction charge, setup cost, taxes, hidden fees and annual maintenance charges. We are affirmative that this would further assist us in transforming the online payment space.”

The PayUPaisa works similar to Shopify, it allows the users to setup their own web stores and to create free web fronts. But it also has the flexibility to be attached with the merchant’s website. Another functionality is that it allows the merchants to send email invoices.

The PayUPaisa will provide free tools to setup the web store in simple steps. The users need not have technical knowledge to create the web front which deals with the payments and other stuff. Also it can be integrated with the merchants website. The users can send email invoices to the customers and the customers can pay with ease.

PayUPaisa offers a fast and hassle free signup process for the sellers. It had also waived off the transaction charges. Also the company says that they will protect the interests of the seller and the buyer. Also while using PayUPaisa, the buyers have to fill out the billing details only once, similar to Payzippy. PayUPaisa keeps the user’s transactions on the dashboard and hence it is very easy to track the details of transactions.

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