PayPerPost – Get Paid for the Blog Post You Write

PayPerPost (PPP) is a website which helps content creators such as bloggers find advertisers willing to sponsor specific content. The advertisers create opportunities that describe the content they are looking for. The bloggers then choose opportunities in their area of interest.

Once the blogger has written a blog post or posted a video that matches the requirements, PPP then reviews the post against its requirements (e.g. topic, tone, length) and PPP terms of service (e.g. disclosure required, no adult content), and handles payment.

[advt]PPP introduced a segmentation system whereby advertisers can limit which bloggers qualify for their opportunity. The system uses criteria such as Google Page Rank, Alexa rank, blogger quality rank, RealRank and blog categories. They can also exclude blogs on certain domains.

This is the minimum amount you are willing to accept per post. Choose an amount that you are comfortable accepting. You can use the suggest-a-price feature to get an idea how to price your blog, it will be based on the PR score of your blog. Remember that even though some of the opportunities are link only, the expectation is that the link(s) will be embedded in a new original content post on your blog.


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