Path – Photo Sharing Mobile App for iPhone

Path is an iPhone application which helps you share those hundreds of photos you take with your digital camera with your close friends. Developed by former Facebook developer Dave Morin, Path lets you share your photos with up to 50 people.

Path is unique from other photo sharing sites in that it allows sharing only between friends. To use the service, you need to set up an account with your email address and phone number. Your phone number will help your friends find you on the service.

You can start the application by just tapping on the green camera icon at the bottom of your iPhone screen. iPhone will take your picture and you can name your picture with three tags – people, places, or things. Tagging the picture with person will provide you the option to share the picture with just that person. Other options let you share your picture will your preselected people list.

Path’s limitation of 50 as the maximum share limit means you have to select only your top most friends or relatives for this photo sharing community. You can download Path for iPhone from iTunes Store

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