Page Snooze – Hide Tabs and Schedule Them to Open Later

Page Snooze is a chrome extension that can manage tab overload by allowing you to snooze tabs for up to two weeks. These snoozed tabs will then pop back in your browser once the time is up. You can view and manage your snoozed tabs from the Page Snooze options page. Snooze Page is perfect for hiding pages for a short period of time, and can especially come in handy when you don’t want to add dozens of links to your bookmarks bar or folders. Additionally, you will never forget to give a look at these links, as the tabs re-appear in your browser when you want them to.

Download Page Snooze

[advt]Once you’ve installed the extension, a Page Snooze option is added to the right-click context menu. Whenever you want to snooze a page, click on the button in the toolbar, or simply right-click and select an option from the context-menu. You can Snooze pages from 5 seconds to up to two weeks. As soon as you snooze a page, the tab will instantly disappear, and Page Snooze will automatically open the tab again after the set time is over.

You can manage and view all your snoozed links from the Page Snooze options. Click the (x) buttons to delete individual links, or click the Clear All button to get rid of the entire list.

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