Ortegra – Builds Online Business Idea Into Revenue Generating Enterprise

Ortegra builds internet businesses. It help entrepreneurs develop their online business idea into a revenue generating enterprise, working as partners every step of the way to ensure initial and on-going growth and success. It is much more than a business incubation company – Ortegra are actively involved throughout the entire “idea-to-business” transformation process. This includes providing assistance with project overview and specification; design, build and implement the online business; help with strategy, business planning, business funding and marketing; and supplement any shortage of skills along the way to get it started

[advt]Starting a business can be a daunting process. You may already have a business plan and a little capital but not all the necessary resources to get it off the ground – the business analysts, project managers, developers, designers, accountants and marketing staff who are crucial to getting your business to a stage that is profitable and established.

Ortegra are different –true partners who are actively involved throughout your entire “idea-to-business” transformation process – then work with you, expect to be fully committed and actively involved, to grow your idea into a full project overview and specification;  then go on to design, build and implement your online business;  help you with its strategy, business planning and marketing;  and supplement any shortage of skills along the way to get it started.


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