Orkut (S)crapbook

If you are an Orkut user, you would have already received a lot of common scraps, makng your Scrapbook a real crap book. These common scraps are sent using JavaScript, which ‘helps’ to send the same scrap text to all of your friends’ scrapbook. Crap everywhere! Moreover, there are many dedicated Orkut Communicates promoting it. The JavaScript, which is very impressive, makes use of XMLHTTP calls. Kudos to whoever wrote the script!


Orkut Buyukkokten’s website Orkut.com, which started of as an independent personal project, still has miles to go before it can really become a Google application. I am hoping for an Orkut 2.0 social network from Google, adhering to Google interfaces and integration with other Google applications like blogger, gmail, google talk, etc.

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