Online Project Management Application – Wunderkit

Wunderkit is a application that gives you the possibility to organize, manage and keep all your projects in one place. With the help of this online project manager you can create your own workspace for finishing a project. You can also invite your friends and relatives to view your project or ideas, and you can work with them for finishing your project easily.

This online project manager also allows you to keep your workspace secret or make it public so that others can view your wonderful ideas. Wunderkit, that includes social network integration and collaboration, and is completely free to all users. This online project includes three built in application which are Dashboard, Tasks and Notes.

Dashboard shows you the recent status updates by people working with you. It also shows you the important tasks of your workspace. In this way you won’t ever miss any task. Dashboard also allows you to track down followers and members for your workspace. Dashboard basically shows recent activities taking place at your workspace. Tasks app is basically concerned with the tasks created and assigned by you to your workspace members.

Tasks are essential for completing any kind of project let it be big or small. You can also leave comments for the task assigned. Notes app allows you to note down your idea and share it with your friends or others and see how it turns into a big project. Members can like and comment on your notes, they can also help you in making your ideas even better. Just simply write down what you feel like.

For using this application you need to sign up yourself. When you sign up yourself to this online project manager, it offers you the PRO package which in 90 days free and after that it automatically gets converted into Free package with limited features. In free version you can only coordinate with your own workspace not any other.


  • Get 90 days trial period of PRO package.
  • Create unlimited number of workspace.
  • Connect with your Facebook and Twitter account.
  • Keep your workspace private or make it public, so that others can view your ideas[advt]
  • Like/comment on tasks and notes within a workspace.
  • Invite your friends and share your ideas with them.
  • Assign tasks to workspace members.
  • Track your followers and members.
  • Search box for searching almost everything thing within WunderKit Online service.

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