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News360 is a next-generation news personalization and aggregation service. It learns from your cloud and uses semantic analysis to inform you of major ongoing events. News360 want people to be better informed, find things out faster, encourage learning and expand horizons, and at the same time save peoples’ time and make their lives less stressful. News360 is a free online news reader application that aims to make reading the news easier than ever. This free online news reader provides articles that are collected from hundreds of sources, giving you access to a large volume of news all under one single entity.

News360 is a cross-platform newsreader that looks at the world’s top stories from every angle. The company recently announced the launch of News360 2.0, which introduced a Web-based version of its mobile application, a sophisticated content personalization feature, detailed story chronologies and sharing integrations with Google Plus and Evernote. The application, which is free for users, is now compatible with all leading mobile platforms including Android, Apple, RIM and Windows.

[advt]At the uppermost part of the screen, there is a drag bar consisting of various categories such as  World News, Top Stories, Tech, Breaking News, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Health and many more. Drag the bar throughout the end to browse around with the categories. Yet another feature that news360 offers is the capability it has, to share news with various social networking websites, such as – Facebook, Twitter. The most notable feature is definitely the way that News360 gathers all articles on a single news object and lets you read the different takes.

You can also use your Facebook account to get the “likes” to further formation of the headlines you view. The result is a mixture of the news and the topics you would like to browse around. In order to customize News360 and create your own personal news service, you will need to create a new account.

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