OneTXT (OneText) – The Social Media Payment Platform

The OnetXT social media payment platform allows Social Networks, Online games, Participation TV shows, and other forms of social interactive media to become merchants in just a few easy steps on the web, then accept payments, create loyalty programs, and send marketing messages.

Consumers enroll OneTXT platform in seconds by providing a mobile number on a social media web site or sending a message with a keyword determined by the social media company. From that point on, the mobile phone number IS the account number. Customers and audience members can pay for things, get points, order stuff, get discounts, and more. Anonymous consumers become familiar customers with just one number.


OneText connects social interactive media to their audiences, and manage the data about behavioral and financial transactions between them. Social interactive media companies have unique needs and requirements that standard online payment solutions do not address specifically.

The oneTXT platform gives the social media company flexibility as a merchant. With oneTXT, applications developers can incorporate transactions capabilities into their offerings with endless creative options.

OneTXT is a web platform using the mobile phone number as the key. Consumers don’t pay for things with their actual mobile phones. The mobile number simply allows to communicate between the social media company and the audience member on any digital media format with maximum effectiveness and accuracy.

OneTXT is now in beta, launched of for test market of New Hampshire, USA.

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