Notion Ink Adam Tablet Launched At CES 2011

Notionink, a Bangalore startup company unveiled their first Android-based tablet at Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas on Thursday.

Notion Ink had showcased a prototype of Adam at last year’s CES. This year, it’s demonstrating a production model. The company’s pre-orders have been sold out.

Adam Tablet is a tablet computer that runs a customized version of the Android operating system. The Adam is set to be the first device marketed to contain Pixel Qi’s low-power, dual-mode display. It include a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor that can support 1080p video output.  Read More About Adam Tablet at

According to,

We’re incredibly impressed with what this India-based start-up has achieved. It will soon be one of the most unique Android tablets on the market. We’ll admit, we’re pleasantly shocked at how much Notion Ink was able to do with its Adam tablet. While the Eden UI does seem confusing to us and the software isn’t completely finished in our minds, it’s an incredibly different take on Android for tablets, which is exactly what we’ve needed in the past year. With Honeycomb coming up soon, there’s no telling what Google itself will put out to take advantage of the extra screen space, but at the moment the Adam is one of the most impressive tablets we’ve seen.

The Chicago Sun-Times said,

Notion Ink have come up with a highly practical design that moves in its own direction and solves some problems that other makers seem to have ignored (such as the limited utility of a camera that can only aim straight up and away from the screen). They’ve enhanced Android with “Eden,” their own multipaneled user interface. And the Adam uses a new transflective LCD technology that keeps the screen readable even in bright outdoor light. The Pixel Qi display also saves power, by turning off the backlighting when the room’s ambient light is sufficient.[source]

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