NoteCase – Download Hierarchical Note Manager

NoteCase is a hierarchical note manager that helps you organize text notes in a tree-like structure within a single document. You can optionally encrypt the document with a passphrase for privacy reasons.

It is free and open source. Notecase is portable and is available for following platforms Windows, Mac OS X, Free BSD, Open Solaris, Sharp Zaurus platform, Nokia Maemo platform and Nokia Maemo OS2008 platform.


  • Support both unencrpyted and encrypted document formats
  • Import from another document
  • Export document or nodes to another document, text or html file
  • Custom font settings[advt]
  • Reloading last used document at startup
  • Text wrapping option
  • Multilanguage support
  • Reload document from file
  • Document search & replace
  • Hyperlink support
  • Branch copy/paste
  • Word, line and character count feature
  • “Read-Only” document property

Download NoteCase

NoteCase screenshot

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