Note Taking and Text Clipping Application – Download OrangeNote

OrangeNote is a simple applicatioin that allows users to write and manage notes. OrangeNote allows you to store an unlimited number of fully-indexed text clippings in its database and pull them up with a quick full-text search, or assign global hotkeys to clippings and paste them into open documents.
It also features a history of all clipboard activity so you can paste previously-copied texts and never lose something on the clipboard again.

[advt]OrangeNote works great as a text backup utility. For example, if you’re writing out a lengthy reply or post to a web page and want to make sure you don’t accidentally lose what you’ve written, just copy it to the clipboard. It’s as simple as that OrangeNote will make sure a copy of it is kept safe and sound in its index. Each time you copy, a new note will be created so you can never accidentally copy over the text on the clipboard.
Download OrangeNote 

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