Nokia Life Tools Mobile App for Healthcare and Education

Nokia Life Tools is a mobile application service from Nokia India, launched in 2009, to provide services to farmers, education service and entertainment via SMS. The agriculture, education and entertainment service is focused on rural and semi-rural India.

Nokia Life Tools has now launched LifeTools healthcare application. The new healthcare application will be available in 22 models of Nokia phones starting at a price of Rs 1, 200. Nokia has partnered all major mobile service providers in the country to provide the sms service in 12 vernacular languages.

In the healthcare domain Nokia look at preventive measures than diagnostics. Through the healthcare service, Nokia addresses the needs of all section of people, both urban and rural. The project have a knowledge team who understands healthcare systems in a much better way.

Life Tools for health will focus on three segments — mother and child care (for pregnant women and infants), health and fitness for both men and women and health topics related to diabetes, heart diseases among others. The monthly charges of Rs 30 will be charged for the service from customers.

Apart from this, Life Tools for education has tied up with IGNOU. According to the partnership, IGNOU will provide study material and certificates for people enrolled for the course.

Life Tools will send SMS tips to students. Life Tools will help Nokia strengthen its presence in the India market where mobile penetration in the rural areas is increasing.

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