NameStation – Generate Domain Name with 14 Domain Search Tools

NameStation is a Web application to help those in need of a domain name by generating relevant name suggestions and leveraging existing social networks to hold naming contests, with fast bulk domain check and a user interface designed to complement creativity.

NameStation has 14 domain search tools with intuitive user interface. Users can continuously elaborate on ideas, get alternative names and keyword suggestions. Generate random pronounceable names, combine keywords, blend words, append alliterations and so on. NameStation can continuously elaborate on ideas, offer alternative names and suggest keywords.

Business users can use NameStation to work together on a naming assignment, streamlining the process of selecting candidates and rating the best ones. Domain industry professionals can use customized searches to find undiscovered niche domains with high-value keywords.


  • Domain Search Tools
  • Name Contests
  • Keyword Research
  • Hand-picked niche domains can be found in the community-powered catalogue
  • Reputation Scoring system, rewards for people suggestion creative ideas
  • Domain registration prices monitoring, registrar comparison
  • Trending names and neologisms
  • RSS feeds with available domains
  • Team accounts for agencies and professionals

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