Myspace Mashup With Facebook – Personalized Entertainment Content

Myspace, the social entertainment platform had announced a partnership with Facebook aiming at offering users an easy way to get their favorite entertainment content in Myspace. Through this deal, Myspace users can now get personalized stream of entertainment content based on their Facebook profile.

Users can easily move their Facebook profile details to Myspace with one mouse click. All they need to do is to click on the Mashup With Facebook button in Myspace website. In a few steps, a basic Myspace profile will get created in which users can build their personal profile based on  Facebook data.

With this feature, the Facebook “Likes” and “Interests” will be matched to topic pages, videos and entertainment categories such as music, movies, celebrities, TV etc in Myspace. You will get real-time recommendations on various topic pages, updates from your favorite movie stars and musicians and you can also subscribe to a wide range of original and exclusive contents based on personal preferences.

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