Mute on Lock – Mute Speakers When Locking Windows Workstation

Mute on Lock is a tiny utility that sits in the system tray and monitors your session when you are locking your Windows workstation, it mutes the sound of your speakers. You can quickly mute or unmute the system sound by double-clicking the tray icon or using an optional hot key.

An icon in the system tray area, which allows you to control various program settings. The program is absolutely free.


  • Supports all Windows NT operating systems with fast user switching.
  • You can set a hotkey for muting and unmuting the system sound.[advt]
  • You can mute/unmute sound by double-clicking the tray icon.
  • Automatically loading each time Windows starts.
  • The portable version of Mute on Lock is available.
  • The modest main memory and disk space usage.
  • The program is absolutely free.

Download Mute on Lock

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