MTNL Mumbai TV Based Games Show IVR Service for GSM Customers

MTNL Mumbai has launched new IVR service for its GSM Customers . This IVR Services will be live for TV based Games show and MTNL Customers can take part in these shows by dialing various short codes given below.[source]

TARIFF for the services: 

Sr. No. Show Channel Time Day Price Short code
1 Bhavishya Phal Sitaron Se Hal Imagine TV 7:05 Hrs.7:55 Hrs. Daily Rs. 12 per minute 5664466
2 Gold Safe Imagine TV 00.00 Hrs.-02.00 Hrs. Daily Rs. 12 Per minute 5664464
Zee TV 00.00 Hrs.-02.00 Hrs.
Saam TV 00:05 Hrs. -01:05 Hrs.
Zee Marathi 00:05 Hrs. -01:05 Hrs.
3 Cinema Konadattam Raj TV 17:35 Hrs.-18:00 Hrs.  Mon-Sat Rs.10 Per minute 5664422
21:05 Hrs. -21:30 Hrs. Sun Rs.10 per minute
4 Cinema Theriyuma Raj TV 22:35 Hrs.-00:00 Hrs. Daily Rs.10 per minute 5664426
5 Cinema Sandadi Maa Music 23:30 Hrs.-00:00 Hrs. Daily Rs.10 per minute 5664427
6 Jothida Palan Raj TV 08:00 Hrs.-08:57 Hrs. Daily Rs.12 per minute 5664474
7 Bollywood Bonanza Zoom 23:30 Hrs.-23:55 Hrs. Daily Rs.10 per minute 5664428

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