MTNL Mumbai Push Mail and PIM Sync Services for Customers

MTNL Mumbai  Push Mail & PIM Sync services  for its esteemed Customer. By Using this service, MTNL customers will be able to get email pushed to their mobile phone virtually from any of their email accounts as well as perform synchronization of their Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks across their mobile phone and MTNL server.

How to use The Push Mail & PIM Services :-

  • To access MTNL’s Push Mail & PIM Sync services, send a SMS as “ SUB BB “ to 51122.
    You will receive a SMS with a thank you note and a link to click.
  • Click on the link and follow the instruction of service

Benefit of the Push Mail & PIM Sync Service

  • Keep your remote email inbox in sync with the MTNL’s Push Mail Client inbox
  • Compose and send emails
  • Receive push email notifications which inform you of new emails on your mobile phone without you having to explicitly ask for new email
  • Read, delete, reply, forward, or flag emails
  • View attachments through the native browser of the phone (support varies based on phone model)
  • Detect URLs in your emails and go to them directly on your mobile phone
  • [advt]Call the sender of a received email, if the sender is stored in your contacts list with a phone number
  • Work offline.
  • Contact,Notes,Task and Calendar may be save and later retrieved if your phone is lost / change the phone
  • Visit for deactivate the service and view their details after using their username and password.

TARIFF for the services :-

1.PIM Sync : Rs.50/-

2.Push Mail : Rs.50/-

3.PIM Sync & Push Mail (Combo Service offer): Rs.80/-


To unsubscribe MTNL Bharat Berry services please SMS UNSUB BB on 51122, Customer will receive an unsubscribing URL kindly open the same on your mobile browser or on your PC as per your convenience and follow basic steps to complete the unsubscription process. Please be informed that once we get your unsubscription request your account will automatically get deactivated on your plan anniversary date and you will not be able to access your account thereafter.

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