Mozilla’s Web FWD – Open Web Innovation Accelerator Program Launched

Web FWD LogoMozilla has recently launched Web FWD (Web Forward) project, the community-driven innovation accelerator program designed to help spur projects that focus on open web technologies.

Web FWD supports Open Web innovators by providing a space at Mozilla where they can build their products and creates a workshop environment where bold ideas can be realized and bare-bones prototypes can develop and go forward as products.

The program invites teams to spend four weeks working in Mozilla offices (currently in San Francisco, CA, USA), where they will learn from top experts in web technologies and have access to Mozilla resources. During the four week program, teams will work in-house alongside the Mozilla crew. They will receive mentorship and guidance from some of the brightest people around, allowing them to focus on bringing product idea to life. At the end of four weeks, they will have a minimum viable product ready to go out on the Open Web and decides how to take this product forward.

The program Web FWD offers:

  • The opportunity to work alongside the Mozilla crew
  • Access to key Mozilla personnel, introductions to interesting people and industry leaders
  • Regular mentorship sessions with experts on technology, scalability, security, marketing, community, and business strategy
  • Financial support during the program
  • Help with IT infrastructure (servers, software, etc.)
  • A great coworking experience [source]

Let us hope that top Indian companies will come up with similar options for assisting India’s open web innovators.

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