Microsoft Silverlight 5 Released – Available for Download

Microsoft released Silverlight 5, which could be the last major release of Microsoft’s application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications.

Microsoft made available on December 9 for download the gold version of Silverlight 5, the latest version of its browser plug-in and Web, desktop and mobile development platform.

Silverlight Version 5 will be supported by Microsoft until 2021 — which is a much longer period of time than previous Silverlight releases have been supported.

Download Silverlight 5 plug-in  (less than 7 MB )

The version 5 release supports all the same platforms that the previous versions of Silverlight did: Windows, Mac. It also works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Silverlight 5’s features include Hardware decode of H.264 media; extensionof the trusted application model to the browser; and graphics stack improvements with 3D support using the XNA programming interface on Windows.

Silverlight 5 was originally expected to be released to the Web in November 2011.

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