Meraki – Build Cloud Controlled Networks

Meraki is a cloud networking company that provides hardware and software for building large scale wired and wireless networks. These networks are used by businesses, schools, and other organizations that need wireless access points, multi-site wired networks, or both. It uses a centralized control system hosted on Meraki’s servers.

Meraki management software (called the “Cloud Controller”) allows Meraki networks to be set up and controlled through the internet. The software is available in two versions: Pro and Enterprise. The Pro version is much lower priced and is suitable for public hot zones. The Enterprise version is used for creating wireless LANs.

[advt]On the browse able map that Meraki provides, nodes are identified either by the label given to them by their owners during initial configuration or, if unnamed, then their Ethernet port MAC address. It identifies the gateway devices and reports how many distinct users cumulative have been active and the cumulative amount of data transferred via this node.

Meraki supports mesh routing. The firmware uses the SrcRR routing algorithm to determine the routes between the hardware devices. Media access and transport may be handled by ExOR algorithm. Each device periodically broadcasts, and all other devices in range will report their routes. Then the devices use that information to route packets to the nearest gateway. The routing is done primarily to determine a route to the nearest gateway (or device with an internet connection)


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