TxtJet – Forward Email as SMS to Your Cell Phone

TxtJet is free service to forward email as SMS to your cell phone. It checks your email account regularly, and whenever it sees a new email, it forwards that to you as a text message. To reply to that email, you just need to reply to that text message, and a reply will be sent to sender of that email.

Supported Countries for forwarding Email to SMS:

A nice part is that this email to text service is available in many countries apart from USA. Supported countries include USA, Australia, Austria, UK, Germany, India, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden.

TxtJet supports all those email providers that provide POP / IMAP access to email. So, your company emails as well as Gmail falls in this category. For the same reason, it does not work with free Yahoo email address at this time. Basically, if you can configure an email in Outlook or Outlook alternative, you can use that in TxtJet.

How to Use TxtJet ?

You start by creating a free account by providing your cell phone number. You then provide email address from which you want to forward emails to your cellphone. You need to provide password of your email as well, so that TxtJet can check for new emails. However, the information is stored in encrypted form, and no one in TxtJet can actually login to your email account using that information.

You can add as many email addresses as you want. However, be aware that this also increases the number of potential email messages that you might receive. To take care of that, TxtJet provides filter options using which you can configure exactly which type of emails you want to forward to your cellphone.

Features of TxtJet:

  • [advt]TxtJet lets you forward emails from as many email address as you want.
  • One of the future updates is that by default all users will receive “1″ txt per email, and will have the option to reply via text, “More” to receive the next set of txt messages in the batch.
  • Easily reply to an email by just replying to that text message.
  • Your email account information is stored and transmitted in an encrypted format.
  • Works on any cellphone that can receive a text message.

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