MeltMail Disposable EMail – Temporary E-mail Forwarding Service

MeltMail is the famous temporary e-mail forwarding service which is used to avoid spam. This disposable e-mail address application is free and you can use it also on the iPhone or the iPod touch. Just create a temporary email address which forwards to your real address. After a defined period of time, this temporary address will be gone.

[advt]This forwarding service is easy to use and helps you a lot to reduce your daily SPAM e-mails. And don’t be afraid of misuse of the email address from our site. Because it delete your real address after the defined period of time.

Enter your e-mail address in the text field and choose how long your Melt Mail forward-address should be available — it’s the melting point.
After hitting the “create”-button, a unique Meltmail is created which forwards every incoming mail to your e-mail acccount.
After the melting point is reached, it delete your real e-mail address from our forwarding database and also the Meltmail won’t be available anymore.


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