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Zimly the Coolest Media Player Logo Zimly is an easy to use, feature rich media player for android, wrapped in a beautiful custom interface. The idea for Zimly was born out of a need for a better media experience on android devices.

Download Zimly the Coolest Media Player for Android

[androidqrcode: com.nomad.zimly]


  • A custom interface that finally does your screen justice
  • Automatic detection of media on your SD card
  • Supports playback of (audio) mp3, ogg, acc and (video) mp4, 3gp encoded files
  • Unified start screen to access your audio and video files
  • Intuitive on the fly playlist creation and editing
  • Automatically generated video preview page with screenshots
  • Advanced play controls like ‘swipe to seek’
  • Widescreen and Fullscreen video playback modes
  • Full screen album art
  • Ability to quit the application so that you don’t waste your system resources

Zimly the Coolest Media Player Screenshot1Zimly the Coolest Media Player Screenshot2

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