Noow – Media Player that Store and Play Multimedia Files

Noow is a media player that is able to store and play numerous multimedia files, but it also lets you download videos and is capable of converting to different codes too. With Noow you can collate all your media files, podcasts into one place, browse your media collection faster and organize it however you like, find and download hot new videos and songs, convert them to any format, share with friends.

You can able to organize all your songs and maintain your entire library in a good order. It has all its features in the right place, so it’s going to be very easy to understand once you have downloaded. It’s an application that gives you the opportunity to search, find, listen and download all the music you want.

It is a multimedia player with basic and fast to learn interface. It supports a large number of media formats and works perfectly for HD video. The sidebar helps you to work with your media library, podcasts, sources, playlists, to search, subscribe, download, convert and share files just in several clicks. With control panel and keyboard shortcuts it is easier then ever to take the playback and downloading process under your control.

Download Noow 


  • Noow supports: MPEG, AVI, DivX, H.\264, Flash Video, Quicktime, Windows Media and many more.
  • Create your own play-list, drag your favorite videos one by one or choose a few using right mouse click-add to a play-list option, create folders and group your video files for better use.
  • [advt]Reserve a certain space for your downloads, it will notify you when the limit is reached.
  • Noow doesn’t hamper you at all! You can watch video in a separate window.
  • Safe all files on your hard drive or choose the ones you want to safe and forget about the others. It can delete them automatically in several days for you. Don’t concentrate your attention on the useless files, think about your favorite ones and keep space for hot new files.
  • With Video RSS feeds publishers can distribute their content and viewers can bring them altogether in one place forming a simple system vital for the Internet TV.
  • Noow works with audio and video podcasts. It offers you a sidebar where you can organize your audio feeds as well.
  • All videos will be automatically downloaded into Noow library.

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