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Recruiterbox manage job-applications to your company. You have applications trickling in to your inbox interspersed with all your usual mail. It is tedious to download, open and screen each attached resume, not to mention tracking interviews and reviews. It helps you organize all hiring related information in one place.

Recruiterbox is built with.

  • Auto-manage your company’s careers page
  • Search and track all applicants at one place
  • Discuss candidates, share notes, and send canned responses
  • Promote your openings to social media and search engines

Startups and small companies use Recruiterbox to take the pain out of their hiring

Because email and spreadsheets are inefficient

If you use email to receive applications, you know how tedious it is to download & open each attached resume. Nor can you search in attachments. Spreadsheets and folders are also messy beyond a point. With Recruiterbox, all candidate information is gathered and made searchable at one place.

Because it saves your time

Most of the time in hiring is spent in emailing candidates, assigning people to interview them, or simply finding a candidate from a pile. It helps you minimize the time spent on (or automate) these administrative tasks. Spend less time “managing” hiring and more time actually hiring.

Because it helps you work as a team

Hiring involves discussion & sharing candidate evaluations, scheduling interviews and delegating tasks. It lets you easily organize/share all reviews and communication around a candidate. It also notifies you of important events and tasks.

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