Manage All Your Files Distributed Across Multiple Devices Using Fiabee

Fiabee products allow you to automatically manage all of your files distributed across your multiple devices. Choose the one that best meets your needs: for selective syncronization, to access your files from your mobile device, or to share files without having to download them locally.


  • Totally Automatic – Install and relax: Fiabee takes care of the rest.
  • All your files and data: Photos, music, videos, office documents, emails
  • Advanced search: Incredibly quick search across thousands of files
  • Go back in time: Go back in time and recover older versions of your files
  • For Business and Consumer: Fiabee takes care of both business and consumer needs
  • Easy, fast and silent: Optimised to keep your PC running at optimal speed
  • Persistent process: When you turn on your PC, Fiabee will pick up copying files where it left off
  • Top-Tier Security: All of your data is encrypted twice, when sent and when stored

How Does it work?

  • [advt]Easy installation: Download Fiabee package and install it. You’ll be ready to go!
  • Automatic copy: Every time you create or edit a file, Fiabee’s advanced technology will detect these changes and automatically save them to our secure data center – you don’t need to do a thing.
  • Instant retrieval: Retrieve your files with just one click. Fiabee’s Recovery Wizard is easy to use. Retrieving your data is simple and stress-free.

Top-Tier Security

  • Encryption
    Fiabee encrypts your files twice, when sending and when storing it on Fiabee servers. Encryption is similar to that used by banks for your financial transaction. Fiabee take security very seriously.
  • First-class Data-Centers
    Fiabee store your data in first-class Data-Centers run by multinational enterprises, guaranteeing the most severe security, privacy and service continuity measures. Using the most innovative technologies, your data is protected in the most secure places.
  • Restricted access
    You alone can access your data. Fiabee takes strict secure measures to guarantee the security and privacy of your data.

Fiabee Sync Beta

FiabeeSync allows you to acces, instantly search through and share any of the data you have stored across all of your devices, even when offline. Find any files from any device.

Through a selective syncronization, you’ll be albe to access all of your files as if they were locally stored.

  • Access, modify, search and share, even offline from any of your devices, no matter where the original is stored.
  • There’s no need to download files locally; you can share them directly via email, Facebook or Twitter by creating a share link to your file(s).
  • Use the drag&drop feature to send files directly to your Android device through the Chrome browser.
  • View your MS Office fies through Fiabee’s  Google Docs integration.

Fiabee Sync for Android – All of your data where and when you want it

Fiabee Sync for Android allows you to access all data that you have stored across all other devices.

You’ll also be able to receive files sent directly from the Chrome browser.

Fiabee Sync for Android is complemented by all other Fiabee applications, especially the Fiabee Sync for your PC, which allows you to automatically have access to all files syncronized from with your PC, making them accessible on your Android and other devices running Fiabee applications.

Download Fiabee Sync for Android

Other characteristics:

  • Access, search (even offline) and share any of the files you have distributed in your other devices.
  • Selective syncronization: mark as favorites those files that you want to download to your Android and automatically sync with Fiabee Sync, making them always available.
  • Share links to your files through email, Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, without having to download files locally.
  • Automatically upload your photos and videos from your Android to Fiabee Sync, to later share them with your contacts.

Fiabee Sync for Chrome

Fiabee Sync for Chrome is an app that lets you intuitively manage all your files distributed across your many devices, directly from the web. You can specifically select which files you want to synchronize from your devices and store onto the others. By storing only what you choose rather than replicating all content everywhere, you’ll minimize on the use of space and memory.

Fiabee Sync for Chrome can be used independently or together with other Fiabee Sync Apps for your PC and Android, that will allow you to get the most out of the Fiabee Sync experience.

Download Fiabee Sync Chrome App

Fiabee Sync Chrome App features:

  • Access, search – even when offline! – and share all the files distributed across all of your devices with just one click.
  • Send files to your Android with a simple drag&drop in your Chrome Browser.
  • Select favorites to be downloaded and synchronized with the Fiabee Sync server automatically. You’ll then be able to play your music, watch your videos or view your photo files even offline!
  • You can share a link to any of your files through your email, Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace accounts. You won’t have to download files in order to share them.
  • Create folders and upload files through a simple drag&drop feature directly from the Chrome App.
  • Google Docs integration: view your MS Office files and PDFs directly from the Fiabee Sync Chrome app.
  • Capture images on the internet and upload them to Fiabee Sync or send them to your Android with a simple drag&drop in your Chrome Browser.

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