Manage All Your Contacts in One Place Using AddressBookONE

AddressBookONE is a free address book application which has the ability to pull contacts from outside connections including Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Exchange Servers, and Plaxo. It is an online address book that enables user to gather various contacts into one single place.  AddressBookONE offers a simple intuitive user interface making the task of managing all of  contacts from a single point of control a simple one. The active dashboard offers an overview of your account and the most common control options. The main contact index is always available on-screen for easy access and management. A Feature rich management dashboard allows user to easily organize your contacts individually or in bulk.

The free address book software supports access of the contacts from many popular sources that are used by people around the globe. For example if user have contacts scattered in  mail accounts like Gmail, social networking site like Facebook and business contacts like some in LinkedIn and  find it difficult to access the contacts due to so many sources, than user must use this very handy and free web portal AddressBookONE. The address book application aims at helping with managing contacts in a better way. User can read our article on Pop Peeper which helps you to access multiple email accounts at one place.

[advt]The application not only helps you gather connections from the websites but also helps you to synchronize the contacts from your cell phones and PDAs. There are contacts in our phones that need to be managed well, easily accessed and constantly updated. You can synchronize the AddressBookONE with your phone or PDA and manage them easily, while they are always available to you. User can also read OutSync and Nomee to synchronize  email and social networking contacts.


  • Single Point of Management: Bringing all your contact data together in one easy to manage, intuitive user interface.
  • Contact Merge: Merges multiple instances of the same contact to give a more complete single view for each contact record and eliminates duplicate data.
  • Mobile Device Sync: Synchronizes AddressBookOne with almost any mobile phone or PDA. Allowing you to manage your mobile contacts and putting all other desired contact data in the palm of your hand.
  • Social Contact Connections: Share your AddressBookOne contact profile with other users.
  • Feature Rich Contacts Manager: Edit existing contacts and add new ones, organize contacts by single or multiple groups, star and hide contacts and filter data displayed.


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