Liquid Face Lite – Fun Photo Editor App for Android Smartphones

Liquid Face LiteLiquid face Lite is a fun photo editor app of Android that allows to stretch, pinch and twist faces in crazy ways. With Liquid Face Lite, you can make your friends look funny and laughable.

With the app, you can post your photo on Facebook wall or album, upload photos to Flickr.

You can download Liquid Face Lite App directly from the Android Market or scan the QRcode for the download link.

  1. Open Android Market on Your phone
  2. Go to “Search”
  3. Type “Liquid face Lite” in the search field and hit “Search”
  4. Once you find the “Liquid Face Lite” app, choose “Install” and follow the instructions



  • Ads-free full screen
  • Camera support
  • Crop image
  • Rich Clipart
  • Facebook connect
  • Flickr connect

You can download the full version as well from the Android market, search for Liquid face Lite Pro.

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