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The Document Foundation has released its first stable build of LibreOffice- Version 3.3 with 10 new features . LibreOffice 3.3 is an open-source, cross-platform office application for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It’s based on OpenOffice code and is compatible with other major office suites. Its first appearance in September 2010.

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LibreOffice 3.3 introduces 10 new features to the program, many of which are exclusive to LibreOffice.

  1. Import SVG pictures into Draw and edit them interactively.[advt]
  2. New easy-to-use dialog box for title pages.
  3. Navigator lets you unfold one heading as usual in a tree view.
  4. “Easy-to-find “new sheet” tab button (colorable tabs).
  5. MS Works import filter.
  6. Lotus Word Pro import filter.
  7. Useful bundled extensions, such as the Presenter View in Impress.
  8. 1 million rows in a spreadsheet in Calc.
  9. Improved slide layout handling in Impress.
  10. Much improved wordperfect import.

Examples include the ability to import SVG graphics directly into the Draw application and edit them interactively.

Title pages are now easier to create in Writer thanks to a new dialogue box, while a new Navigator view helps simplify the navigation of large documents.  There are a number of new import filters too, including support for Microsoft Works and Lotus Word Pro, while the Corel WordPerfect filter has also been improved.

Impress benefits from improved slideshow handling, while user menus now use radio buttons to help users see which options have been selected. There are also a number of extensions bundled across the suite, such as the Presenter View in Impress.

Other new improvements include support for color-coding different sheets in Calc spreadsheets. Each sheet now supports up to one million rows.

LibreOffice also features a new “Experimental” option, which can be switched on from the program’s preferences dialogue box. [via]

Full Features of LibreOffice 3.3

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