LG to Launch Phones with Dolby Sound Systems

LG Electronics and Dolby Laboratories have reached a deal to make the the first cell phone to incorporate the Mobile version of Dolby’s system. The first LG phones with Dolby Mobile are due out in the fourth quarter of the year 2008. The company plans to build the technology into high-end multimedia handsets.

Dolby Mobile is an audio processing technology platform designed to deliver rich, vibrant audio and dramatically improve listening enjoyment. Built on Dolby’s extensive portfolio of technologies, Dolby Mobile has been optimized for mobile applications.

Dolby Mobile is designed to allow customers to optimize and tailor audio for an enhanced entertainment experience. LG plans to apply Dolby Mobile technology to a wide range of multimedia features on its phones.

Some of the Dolby Mobile features that LG plans to incorporate into its phones include:


  • Mobile Surround, which delivers a realistic surround sound experience using headphones
  • Sound Space Expander, which creates a wide, rich, and spacious soundstage experience especially suited to music playback
  • Natural Bass, which adds powerful boost and bass extension
  • High-Frequency Enhancer, which enhances music and other content by restoring high-frequency effects
  • Graphic EQ, which helps tune the audio experience for different content types
  • Sound Level Control, which helps level out audio for a more consistent playback volume
  • Mono-to-Stereo Converter, which improves the playback experience of user-generated content

LG plans to begin launching high-end multimedia phones that incorporate Dolby Mobile technology from the fourth quarter of this calendar year.

source: dolby via cn

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