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maths-multiplication-legacyMaths Multiplication Legacy presents you with a list of tables (1 to 99) to choose from. Move through the tables by casually swiping the screen to the left or right. Click on any line in the table to load the factors of all the numbers in the line.

This version is for devices running Android Version >= 2.1 Choose ‘Endless Table’ mode to continuously keep increasing the table range till 999. No more need to remember an infinite number of tricks to multiply two numbers.

Features [androidqrcode: com.felix.legacy.multiplication]

  • Open “Multiplication Tables” from the home screen to view the tables of a number from 1 to 20. Click on any item to open it’s quick factor info. Long click for loading the table, factors or Grid of all the numbers present in the table item.
  • Open Numbers Grid to load a grid of numbers. The grid is an Endless list of numbers. Clicking on any number will load it’s factors. Long click any number below 100 to load it’s table.
  • Open “Load Table” and enter a number (1 to 99) to load it’s Multiplication Table. Click on any item to open it’s factor info.
  • Open “Find Factors” and enter a number (2 to 999999) to load it’s Prime Factors and All Factors.
  • Long Click on table’s in either Tables view or Factor’s View to select numbers to load their tables, factors (again) or Grid.

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