LastPassWallet – iOS App that Store Passwords and Information

LastPass to store passwords and other sensitive information, or if you’ve always wanted to give it a try, a new iOS app from LastPass is going to make your life just a bit easier. LastPassWallet is the new addition to the LastPass mobile suite, and can be used by both regular members and premium members of LastPass.

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When it comes to securely storing sensitive information about your online activities, including personal details and login information, then LastPass is a good choice for many. One of its less visible features is the ability to securely store notes – collections of text and information the user considers valuable.

This app is completely free to use – just log in with your existing free (or premium) LastPass account, and existing notes will be automatically synchronised to the tool. But there’s more – as the name indicates, LastPass would like you to use this app to recreate your wallet in digital format, allowing you to leave precious documents at home. To this end, not only can you create new secure notes from scratch, but you can select from a number of templates, including credit card, driver’s license, email account and passport, to simplify the process.

[advt]Fill in the fields, attach any audio clips or photos (both of which can be recorded or snapped within the app itself) and click Save. All of your notes are then stored on the main screen, grouped if you wish into categories and assigned icons to help differentiate them from each other.

It’s incredibly simple to use, although two niggles are the inability to delete notes or switch notes between different categories. You can further secure your account by not saving your LastPass password when logging, plus add a four-digit passcode via the Settings menu that is triggered should you ever restart the app.

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