L2rtf – Online LaTeX to RTF Converter

L2rtf is a free online LaTeX to RTF converter that lets you convert a latex file to rtf file online. You can upload zip file containing your project files which must be a valid Latex document. L2RTF convert the uploaded documents and can edit them with your word processor.


  • Supports major latex commands, equations, and images
  • You can upload a single latex file “.tex” or a “zip” file containing your project files (tex, bbl, aux, images, etc)
  • Make sure that uploaded file is a valid Latex document i.e., it compiles without errors
  • This service provides you with a good starting editing point. Therefore, you have to review generated RTF file

How to Convert LaTeX to RTF:

  • Visit the website.
  • Upload a LaTeX file, or provide URL of the file. You can even upload zip file.
  • After the file is uploaded, click on the Convert button to convert the LaTeX file into a RTF file.
  • Once the file is generated you can download it to your PC and do any editing work if needed.

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