KyrCrypt – Free File Encryption Software

KyrCrypt is a free file encryption software that is capable of encrypting the files and even entire directories using Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption scheme. It is robust in securing critical files by using one of the most reliable encryption standards in use today.

It has been designed to work on Windows platform and can run fine on popular versions of Windows OS such as Vista, Xp and 7. The installer file can be downloaded from its official website for free and the size of the file is just about 500KB.

Download KyrCrypt 

The user has to install the software and run the application using the launcher.

  • Selecting File-> Open would display the File Explorer using which the user can select the file to be encrypted or decrypted.
  • The user is prompted to enter a password that is between 1 and 12 characters in length. This would have to be remembered, since this password will be asked for during the decryption of the file.
  • File operation commences now and the KyrCrypt software is intelligent enough to identify whether to encrypt/ Decrypt the files, automatically. If the file has a .kpt extension, the freeware goes into the decryption mode. Otherwise it goes on to encrypt the file chosen.
  • [advt]When large files are opened using the file explorer for encryption, the process of loading them might take some time. The user may be prompted  to wait for sometime before the files get loaded and encryption/ Decryption can be started.
  • A progress bar continuously indicates the percentage of the encryption/ decryption work completed.
  • Also the user can know the time elapsed during the process. After Completing the process , a window displaying the details of the work done shows the detailed list of files and the activities done. This is  useful, when batch processing of files is done.
  • The user can choose output location , where the encrypted/ Decrypted file has to be saved.
  • The user is also presented with a few other options including, Backing up files, Deleting files before encrypting, Archiving the files, Deleting files after encryption etc.,
  • Multiple selections during encryption/Decryption is also possible.
  • Other options include changing the application start options, Cleaning the output directory and minimizing the program window to  the system tray

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