KlipFolio Personal Dashboard to Monitor Business Performance

KlipFolio is a personal dashboard that uses small, customizable windows called “Klips” to display all types of information, including news, weather, sports, blogs and RSS. Each Klip contains a list of headlines which opens in your web browser when clicked. Klips for various information sources can be downloaded from the app’s home page, or from websites that supports the Klip format.

Klipfolio Dashboard is the KPI dashboard used by the world’s best companies to increase data visibility and improve profit and performance.

[advt]Klipfolio Dashboard puts key performance indicators (KPIs) in front of executives and decision makers. Using desktop dashboard software to monitor business performance indicators and provide desktop alerts, improves operational business intelligence and performance management across the organization by delivering relevant, realtime data that can be acted upon to have an immediate impact on business outcome. Klipfolio Dashboardalso extends the value of scorecard and dashboard software within the enterprise.

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