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kidmondo_logoKidmondo is a comprehensive online baby journal. It’s a safe, secure way for parents and caregivers to chronicle their child’s life and share it with friends and family. Keep a diary, track important milestones, add photos and videos. Kidmondo even let’s you add medical information, dental records, keep a food diary, chart your child’s growth and more. It also allows you to share your journal with friends and family in a safe and secure environment.

Kidmondo lets you record your child’s stories and milestones in a personalized online baby journal while easily sharing it with friends and family in a safe environment.

Capturing your child’s exciting first years just became easy, fast and fun with Kidmondo.

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Kidmondo has all the tools you need to create a lasting keepsake of your child’s early years and that includes

  • Online Diary: To fill with stories, anecdotes, images, milestones and more.
  • Photo and video gallery: To Capture and organize their precious moments.
  • Growth charts: To track your child’s height, weight and dental growth.
  • About page: A profile page that grows with your child.
  • Update from anywhere: E-Mail stories and photos from anywhere to easily update your child’s journal.
  • Medical journal: Store and update medical records of doctor visits and immunizations.
  • Food journal: Monitor your child’s diet and remember those messy meals.
  • Interactive timeline: View your child’s life at a glance and see all they have accomplished.
  • Safe and secure sharing: Keep your friends and family updated.


Kidmondo is free. There is no cost to use the basic service. They also offer a premium plan for an additional fee. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time.

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