Kaspersky Lab Releases Internet Security 2012 and Anti-Virus 2012

Kaspersky LogoKaspersky Lab unveiled the 2012 versions of its home user products – Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012. The new versions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security are designed to provide Internet users with maximum protection and convenience.

Kaspersky Lab’s home user products are distinguished by the comprehensive protection that they provide. Your computer and the data you store on it will be secure, regardless of the types of files you are working with, how often you use the Internet, or where you connect from – at home, or via a public access point.

The all-new Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 incorporate the most advanced and effective protection technologies: a sandbox for launching suspicious applications, a program activity monitoring module, a script emulator, a cloud-based reputation database, a virtual keyboard plus many other features.

  • First-rate protection against unknown threats: Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 effectively neutralize new threats using non-signature-based behavioral analysis of suspicious programs. Kaspersky Lab’s latest products are capable of tracking program activity during present and previous work sessions. Monitoring program activity uses data from other components, such as the proactive protection module, email, web and IM antivirus components, the firewall, etc.The monitoring module tracks complete chains of events that could impact security, and literally pieces together an entire picture of program operations or even groups of operations affected by malware. If there have been a number of related incidents on your computer, all the monitoring module needs is to detect one of them in order to find all of the others.
  • [advt]Improved protection from the cloud: In the 2012 versions of Kaspersky Lab’s home user products, cloud-based technologies, the cutting-edge of antivirus development, have been improved. By regularly exchanging information between products installed on users’ machines and the centralized databases in the cloud, the most up-to-date threat information is made available for the protection of users.The main program window provides users with in-depth information about which cloud components are active and how they are protecting users’ computers and personal data. With just one click, users of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 can find out about the reputation of any file on a local computer and make an informed decision as to whether or not to use it. All users need to do is right-click on the file’s icon and select the ‘View file reputation in KSN’ menu option.
  •  Convenience and speed:Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 are both high-performance products designed for minimal impact on your computer’s running speed and program operations. Kaspersky Lab’s products have been streamlined for optimal day-to-day use when surfing the Internet, searching for and viewing web pages, making VoIP calls, watching HD videos and playing online games, etc. The intelligent update system downloads updates for active product components only and launches them immediately after they have been plugged in.The update launch mode has been adapted to suit typical laptop and desktop work modes and will not slow down performance when operating system activity is resumed or a user launches programs. The Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 interfaces have been improved and now feature 3D and animated graphics, yet remain straightforward and user-friendly. The latest versions of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 can now be used with touch-screen devices.

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