Kapitall – Online Investing Platform for Young Investors

kapitall_logoKapitall is an online investing platform that combines the world’s friendliest investing experience with powerful yet simple tools to build your skills and maybe even your net worth. By combining the first “drag and drop” investing interface with engaging design, it intend to make the stock market a fun place to grow for a whole new generation of investors.

Its idea is to attract younger investors with a new take on financial management, but the tools are also popular with older generations as well. Again following in Apple’s footsteps, more powerful tools reveal themselves as you use the application, and as you “level up” as a user and investor, deeper analytical tools are given to you.

Much in the same way Apple popularized personal computing and the Wii broadened the reach of gaming, It will help more people than ever connect with the world of investing. Also It has iPhone app.


It supports

  • [advt]Explore with ease: Enjoy the first “drag and drop” investing interface
  • Analyze like a pro: Find the right investments for you with intuitive research tools
  • Share knowledge: Collaborate and compete with friends and other Kapitallists
  • Track your progress: Watch your experience level – and your assets – grows
  • Start anytime: No membership fees, minimums or brokerage account required


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