Beanstalk – Allow Designers to Manage Code in an Easy Way

beanstalk_logoBeanstalk allows designers and developers to store source code, track changes, and collaborate with their team through Git and Subversion version control. The easiest way to manage code, collaborate and deploy. Review code and discuss changes. Easily integrate with your favorite ticketing, support and communication tools. Instantly deploy or rollback updates to multiple web servers for testing and production releases. It is not a free service.

Beautifully Simple Interface

Creating Subversion and Git repositories, managing users, and keeping track has never been easier.

Extensive Integration

Integrates with Basecamp, Lighthouse, FogBugz and more. Send commands with commit message markup.

FTP/SFTP Deployment Tools

[advt]Deploy your Subversion and Git projects to your FTP server in one click.

Free Reliability

Frequent multi-site backups, SSL, scalable servers, highly responsive customer support.

Design Preview NEW

Review, compare and share previous revisions of your HTML mockups and images. View the demo.

Subversion and Git Support

Designer? Developer? Writer? No problem, choose from two great Version Control Systems to fit your needs.


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